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51 year old male with chest pain

by on October 7, 2012

EMS received a call to and local urgent care center for a patient transfer.  On arrival staff met EMS at the door and told them that a 51 year old male patient with a history of CAD had came in complaining of anterior chest pain that radiates to his left arm.  Acute onset of 30 minutes while he was resting.  They stated pain was an 7/10 and felt like pressure.  The stated that along with the chest pain/pressure the patient was also nauseated and was sweating.

EMS enters and find a male patient sitting on the exam table and he appeared slightly anxious.  He was on 10lpm NRB.  IV was in place in the Left AC and IV was running at KVO rate.  Staff stated the patient had received ASA 324mg, zofran 4mg and 1 NTG tablet sublingual.
12 lead was obtained

EMS crew transported this patient directly to the Cath lab.

This patient received and Aspiration Thrombectomy, PTCA with a 4.o x 15mm stent placed.

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