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97 year old female

by on June 19, 2012

EMS crew arrived at a local nursing home to find a 97 year old female sitting in a wheel chair,  Staff stated that she had been complaining of some abdominal pain earlier and now is nauseated and not eating.  She has a history of high blood pressure and a past MI in 2007.  She takes an Aspirin a day and is on Metoprolol.  She also has some dementia.  Upon approaching the patient you notice she appears pale.  She is sitting up and leaning over slightly to her left side.  Her skin is cool and moist.  She is unable to answer your questions appropriately when you question her.  EMS crew moves her to the stretcher and places her on 2lpm NC.  SP02 monitor is not reading.  She does not appear to be in respiratory distress and lungs are clear bilaterally.  The EMT partner points out JVD.  Blood pressure is taken 80/40  RR is 10  HR 56.  EMS crew obtains 12 lead EKG and transmits to the receiving hospital.


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  1. well pre hospital care EMS done a nice job

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