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Update: 5 am chest pain wake up

by on January 30, 2012

click here for 5 am chest pain wake up


Thanks everyone who for posting all your comments, This patient was transported to a local hospital 20 minutes away that was also a PCI center. During the transport there were 2 additional 12 leads obtained with no changes noted. The patient was released and send home after having some test ran, the releasing diagnosis was, as everyone correctly identified, Pericarditis.

    The transporting Medic noted the monitor diagnosis of >>>ACUTE MI<<< but also saw that there appeared to be global ST elevation with St depression in lead AVR and V1. Leads I and II are reciprocal leads and should never have ST elevation together in the sitting of a Stemi. Also noting that the pain got better when he leaned forward the medic transported also thinking that this patient was experiencing pericarditis, but monitored for changes in repeat 12 leads and vital signs.

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