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74 year old male fainting

by on December 19, 2011

EMS called to an event center for a 74 year old male patient laying supine on the floor in the restroom. Pt was conscious and alert and appeared pale.  His skin was warm and dry.  According to his wife he started having left side chest pain while sitting at a table.  He got up to go to the bathroom where he fainted.  When asked the patient states that he still has pain left side of chest 4/10 with heaviness to left arm.  He is mildly short of breath and nauseated but no vomiting.  JVD noted with weak radial pulses.  Patient was moved to stretcher and to the back of the ambulance.
Blood pressure 70/40

EKG Placed


12 lead obtained



From → Case File

  1. Sorry for the late comment, I’m way behind, but I’m just curious if you happen to have any info on the cath from this patient. In addition to the obvious inferior injury, there’s enough anterior elevation that I’m thinking it might have been a wraparound LAD. Thanks

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