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When do you obtain your first 12 lead on your patient?

by on September 26, 2011

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  1. I am a big advocate of obtaining a quick 12 lead at the patients side before I give treatment. Our service policy however is load the patient to the ambulance and obtain while en-route to the ER in an effort to get the patient to the hospital quicker. I am interested on other services policies on when to obtain 12 leads.

  2. Our state just implimented new portocol standards/markers. They require 12 lead within 10 min of initial contactv(I am going to HAVE to start bedside ekg on arrival to meet this). I WAS of the transport first scenario as I have VERY extended transport times to small facilities without cath labs and the like. Also working with life flight doc for special STEMI activation permission for my small service as I am one of 2 paramedics at the moment.

  3. We do them at first medical contact.

  4. Anonymous permalink

    I like to do one sort of in-between. I like to get the patient in the truck ASAP, then get my 12 lead before we go enroute. Makes the bosses happy because it still keeps scene times short, but stills get a 12-lead relatively quickly.

  5. Anonymous permalink

    We can do them on first contact or in unit but we only do 12 lead if we are 10+ min out from hospital this way we are not delaying xport. We are a small county and without cath lab or services so all AMI get flowen out to hospitals 100 miles away

  6. Anonymous permalink

    In the pt. house then if need be I can transmit right then and also I obtain another 12lead once loaded the pt. and enroufe to hospital.and according to those 12leads I then maybe diverted to a stemi hospital.

  7. Anonymous permalink

    Its best to do 12 lead asap.. It could change the direction of treatment or make a difference which hospital you go to, or if youre going to need pt. transported by air.

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