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51 year old male chest pain

by on June 27, 2011

51-year-old male patient at work when he began to have substernal chest pain with nausea and vomiting. He takes a nitroglycerin pill and has no relief of pain. Pain is 8/10 and does not seem to radiate. He does not want to go to the hospital but does agree to be taken to a local urgent care center. Upon arrival he is placed in a room and and EKG is obtained.

No Initial Vital Signs, Medical History, or Medication given.

What is going on with this patient?

Here is the conclusion

From → Case File, Education

  1. Richie permalink

    ST Elevation Leads II, III, aVf. Depression in aVl and I(borderline, hard to make out in this picture); Inferior MI. Needs MONA protocol and PCI.

  2. Adel Noman permalink

    ACS(inferior MI),need morphine to stop chest pain and add aspirin 300mg and right side ECG and vital sign check up and emergent invasive CAG and stenting9PTCA)..

  3. Bill permalink

    Agree with inferior MI. Would hold the Nitro until 15-Lead ECG completed. If right side MI, would start IV and run 1000 cc fluid bolus prior to Nitro. ASA if not allergic. Transport to a cath lab.

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