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I didn’t say “Cheese”!!

by on May 19, 2011

69 year old white female shopping at a local store. She noticed a young teenaged boy taking a picture of her on his cell phone. She became upset told the youngster he could not take her picture. An argument ensues. Pt. then begins to experience left side chest pain and shortness of breath. She leaves the store and drives herself to the local ER after chest pain continues.

Medical History HTN, Hysterectomy

The local ER places a patient in a room and obtains vital signs and a 12 lead.
Blood pressure 140/68
Pulse 78
Respirations 18
Troponin level returned 3.580 (H)

Here is the 12 Lead

What do you think is going on with this patient?

Here is the conclusion to this case file. Conclusion!

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  1. Deb permalink

    Anterior-Lateral STEMI. Standard MONA protocol, etc. But WHY was he taking a picture of her?? Was she going to be posted on “The People of WalMart” site? I wanna know!

  2. Not sure,l But do not believe it is a STEMI

  3. Sorry I can’t spell I meant to write I do not believe it is a STEMI. I would contact Med control. Treat the pt by symptoms if I encountered this pt in the field. In the Ed I would just ask the Cardiologist.

  4. @Deb…. People of walmart, that is a good possibility lol unfortunately I do not know why he was taking her picture, she did not say. Stay tuned for the upcoming conclusion to this case.

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