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45 year old male chest pain

by on May 11, 2011

45-year-old 300 pound man sleeping when he woke up with substernal chest pain radiating down his right arm. He has some shortness of breath he appeared anxious and sweaty. He stated pain is 5/10 and nothing has made the pain better. He stated he has high blood pressure and takes medication of Lopressor. He has no other cardiac history that he is aware of. He does state family history of heart attack, stated his father died at 48.
BP 180/100
RR 18
12 lead obtained

Pt was transported to a local PCI center

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Inferior stemi with recp changes in septal leads.

  2. Toyanna Frye permalink

    Agree, that is an inferior STEMI with reciprocal changes in V1 and V2 (septal leads). High-flow O2, sublingual nitrox3, ASA, maybe morphine…and probably zofran to follow. Cath-lab ASAP!…and on second look….V5 and V6 may have some elevation too…although I can’t be for sure on my computer. I would keep a high index of suspicion that there is some lateral infarct as well

  3. Inf-post STEMI

    ??? Sinus – Arrhythmia

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