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My Stomach Hurts-Conclusion

by on May 6, 2011

EMS arrived on scene to find a 65-year-old female sitting in a chair inside an office. She stated she was walking around when she began to have upper abdominal pain. She stated it is a sharp ache but does not radiate. Pain is non-reproducible on palpation and abdomen is soft and tender. She appeared pale and clammy. She had one episode of emesis prior to EMS arrival and is still nauseated. She tells EMS, when questioned that she has had one previous MI about 8 yrs ago and this feels similar. Crew moved pt to the stretcher and placed her on 02 and laid her back at a 45 degree angle moved to the ambulance and transported to a local ER 22 minute ETA.

BP 90/50
RR 18
SP02 98%

12 Lead

what other treatment en route do you wish to give?

The Final Diagnosis
Acute inferior wall ST-elevation myocardial infarction. Catheterization documented acute thrombosis of a previously placed right coronary artery (RCA) stent. RCA was treated with balloon angioplasty. Patient was placed on dual antiplatelet regimen and discharded 4 days later.

Thanks to all who participated. Great comments.

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