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52 year old male chest pain

by on April 11, 2011

12:17 PM, 52 y/o male found sitting on the edge of his bed. States the sharp chest pain started when he woke up. Non radiating. Pt has history of 2 previous MI’s in ’97+’08 with no stents placed. Pt. vitals BP- 138/90, P-74, Spo2-95% Skin warm and diaphoretic. Pt. clutching his chest and appears very anxious. Has taken 4 baby ASA and 1 nitro tablet just prior to EMS arrival with no relief. 5 minute ETA to PCI center.

PRI 152
QRS 94
QTC 442

From → Case File

  1. Inferioposteriolateral MI!

  2. Michael permalink

    75% blockage of RCA.

  3. Shahzad Akhter permalink

    ST elevations in II, III, avf. V5 and V6, ST depressions in I, avl, V2 and V3.
    Inferolateral and posterior ST elevation Myocardial Infarction.

  4. aetheranobis451 permalink

    ST elevation II, II, aVF, V5 & V6. Depression in high laterals (I, aVL), and in anterior leads V2 and V3. Definitely looks to me like inferolateral MI with possible posterior involvement. Off to PCI center for him.

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