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59 year old female “nagging pain”

by on March 28, 2011

This was given to me by a member of my service, I do not know the outcome other then she was taken directly to the Cath Lab on arrival at our Local ER.

Call came early in the evening just before shift change. Crew arived on scene to find a 59yo female sitting at kitchen table COA x 4, skin w/d and lungs clear = bilateral. She stated she was having a nagging pain under her left breast that has been coming and going most all day and she gets some shortness of breath when pain occurs. She denies n/v. She tells the crew the pain in now constant and nothing makes her pain better or worse. One NTG has been taken with no relief. Pain is 7/10. She takes medication of Diovan, Crestor, and NTG.

12 lead EKG obtained.

There was no additional EKG’s obtained.

From → Case File

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  1. Sinus rhythm at 75 with an inferiolateral MI (STE III/aVF/V5/V6, STD I/aVL/V2/V3) and I suspect RCA involvement given STE III > II. Also going to consider posterior involvement given the depression in V2/V3. If time permits I’ll acquire V7-V9. However, I definitely want right sided leads or at least a good IV before nitro as I may have RVI as well.

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