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Ray Charles can see it

by on March 11, 2011

A medic at work gave me this ekg and told me about this call he ran and that the STEMI was so obvious that Ray Charles could see it. Maybe he could, but if so, what would he be seeing? What do you see going on here with this pt?

This patient is 46 years old and has some cardiac history. He was awoken up from sleep with substernal chest pain. His skin was diaphoretic. He was given 4 NTG and morphine en route to the ER.

HR 75
BP 140/70
PR 176
QRS 119
QTC 433

Click on EKG’s to enlarge or press CTRL and + to zoom in on ekgs

Here is the 12 lead

This patient did make a trip to the Cath Lab shortly after arrival at the ER. Great Job to the Crew that ran this call and thanks so much for sharing.

From → Case File

  1. Inferior-posterior woo!

  2. Thanks Christopher for posting. Obvious ST elevation in leads II, III, and AVF with ST depression in leads V1-V4 leading me to also call it Inferior Posterior MI. Good Idea to run 15 lead to see if there were RVI as well. I do know that the patient was given NTG x 4 with no significant drop in BP so RVI is probably not present here.

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