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57 Year old Male Syncope

by on January 30, 2011

57 yo male at church singing when he began to feel lightheaded and fainted. He was taken to the nurses office when he had another syncope episode. He stated he has not past medical Hx and no RX and no allergies. He stated that he has had some chest discomfort starting last night. He sates it only hurts when he presses in on his chest. He points to the area of discomfort and is able to pin point it. He states no Shortness of breath and no N/V. No chest pain at all unless he touches it.

V/S taken laying

BP 108/70
Pulse 72
RR 18

Sitting up
BP 92/60
Pulse 88
RR 18

12 lead EKG obtained

Strip diagnostic reads:
HR 72
PRI 144
QRS 78
Sinus Rhythm
Multiple Atrial Premature Complexes
ST Elevations Suggests Pericarditis

En-route v/s remained normal with no additional episodes of dizziness or fainting.

what are you Questions? Interpretation? Treatment? Transport decision?

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